CIRCLE & CCTP (Hereinafter referred to as ‘The Experiment’) alike offer no promise of financial gain, security, nor any representation of potential future profit.

The Experiment utilizes numerous untested theories including, but not limited to game-theory, experimental code, and ambitious technology that may not perform the way intended. By participating in The Experiment, you acknowledge these risks, while understanding financial gain is not implied nor should it be expected.

The Experiment reserves the right to comply with any legal and regulatory requests if asked to do so by relevant jurisdictions. Henceforth, any monetary value produced by The Experiment is purely speculative and should not be viewed as an Investment Contract. the Experiment reiterates that the value (if any) derived from The Experiment should not indicate or influence an end user in any capacity


Circle is the premiere chaos engine built on Base. As an industry leader, Circle has pioneered new technology known as CCTP.

The Cause Chaos Transfer Protocol is a revolutionary deflationary technology allowing normal market activity to facilitate token burns.

Circle is a mystery. At the beginning of time, there existed 1 million tokens. Everyday this number dwindles.

All circle tokens in circulation were added to liquidity. No tokens were kept.

Circle is chaos, circle is fun. Find out what fun is in store.

Join the burning circle
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